I am having trouble logging in

If you are experiencing issues logging to SelfieSign, first make sure the Caps Lock key is not enabled, and you are using an updated supported browser.
You can also try clearing the browser’s cache and cookies, and a different browser.
Should the problem persists, contact us at for assistance.

I did not receive an email verification code

We may send a one-time verification code to your inbox in order to verify your identity before granting you access to your account or allowing you to modify your personal information.
The e-mail should be received within minutes after the verification code sent page showed up.
If you did not receive the e-mail notification, the issue is likely related to e-mail blocking. Check your e-mail Junk or Spam folder. If the SelfieSign e-mail is found in these folders, mark the e-mail as non-junk or non-spam.    

What happens in the event of site maintenance?

Once in a while, we may go offline for maintenance without impacting your live transactions or overall experience. We will send an e-mail announcement to all SelfieSign users, notifying you of the maintenance hours in advance.    

The app is freezing or crashing

If you are experiencing issues with the app freezing or crashing, contact us at with reproduce steps and screenshots if any for further troubleshooting.    

What browsers do SelfieSign support?

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome and Safari for SelfieSign on your PC.
For our mobile apps, make sure your Android version is 8.0 or above, and your iOS version is 12.0 or above.



Can I use the web app on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can use the web app on your Android or iOS device.
However, we highly recommend you to download our Android or iOS app for the best user experience on your smartphone or tablet.


如果您在登入SelfieSign時遇到問題,首先請確認您未轉換到大寫鎖定(Caps Lock),且您使用的是SelfieSign支持的最新版本的瀏覽器。
您也可以清除瀏覽器的快取和 Cookie ,或嘗試用另一個瀏覽器。
如果問題仍未解決,請透過 與我們聯絡。






如果您遇到SelfieSign應用程式停止回應或閃退等問題,請透過 與我們聯絡,並提供重現步驟和截圖,以協助我們進一步診斷解決問題。    


我們建議您在電腦上使用最新版本的Google Chrome和Safari。




但我們仍強烈建議您下載SelfieSign AndroidiOS應用程式,以便在您的智慧型手機或平板電腦上獲得最佳的使用體驗。