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Before you start using SelfieSign,

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Is SelfieSign secure?

How do I create an account with SelfieSign?

Can I use SelfieSign for free?

Send Documents

Quick answers on sending a SelfieSign document for signing.

How do I send a SelfieSign document?

How many recipients can I add in a document?

How many documents can I send?

Sign Documents

Find out how to fill in, and add your
signature on a document.

How do I sign my own document?

How do others sent a document sent by me?

How do I download signed documents?

Manage Documents

Learn how to organize, and track
documents you’ve sent and signed.

How do I organize my documents?

How do I track the status of my documents?

How do I create a template in SelfieSign?

Account & Settings

Tips on how to update, and personalize your account and settings.

How do I change my email address?

How do I reset my password?

How do I add recipients to my contact list?

Plan & Billing

Everything you need to know about
your plan, billing history, and invoices.

What payment methods can I accept?

How do I upgrade my SelfieSign plan?

What happens to my documents if I change plans?

Security & Privacy

We adhere to e-signature regulations like GDPR and protect the data of users like you.

How do I download the audit trail of a document?

How does SelfieSign protect my data?

Can anyone else access my files?


If you run into errors or issues,
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Is SelfieSign secure?


Is SelfieSign legally binding?


  1. 進入應用程式設定
  2. 按一下「管理問題」按鈕
  3. 按一下想附加圖片的問題
  4. 編輯問題時,請按一下圖示,再從圖庫新增圖片

How do I send an electronic document?


  1. 進入應用程式設定
  2. 按一下「管理問題」按鈕
  3. 點選您想附加影片的問題至
  4. 編輯您的問題時,點選影片圖示,再貼上YouTube或Vimeo影片網址
  5. 就這麼簡單!影片縮圖將顯示於回答文字框中

How do I sign a document sent to me?


How long do you store my documents?

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