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Is SelfieSign secure?

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Quick answers on sending a SelfieSign document for signing.

How do I send a SelfieSign document?

How many recipients can I add in a document?

How many documents can I send?

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Find out how to fill in, and add your
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We adhere to e-signature regulations like GDPR and protect the data of users like you.

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How does SelfieSign protect my data?

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Popular Questions

Is SelfieSign secure?

At SelfieSign, security is our top priority. We make sure your documents and data are safe, secure and private. All traffic on SelfieSign runs on SSL, the most powerful and trusted protocol for secure communications. Your documents are stored in China by Alibaba Cloud and encrypted using AES encryption. You can be sure your data is personal, and stays personal to you.

Are SelfieSign signatures legally binding?

Yes, signatures signed using SelfieSign are legally binding. Your signed documents are enforceable in a court of law as we not only provide a comprehensive action log of each signature, but also a video record of the signing process as evidence.

How do I send a SelfieSign document?

First, log in to your SelfieSign account if you have not already done so.

Step 1: Upload Your Document
In your SelfieSign Home view, click New Document. Next, click Open File to upload a document from your computer, or drag and drop the file.

Step 2: Add Your Recipients
In the Recipient field, enter the recipient’s e-mail address. Step 3: Add Signing Fields
To assign a signature or other field to each recipient, click and drag a field from the right Fields Panel and place it on the document. Then, click Setting Done in the top Navigation Bar.
Step 4: Add Document Name
Keep or change the default document name, and click SEND.

How do I sign my own document?

Sometimes, you just want to sign a document yourself and send it to others.
Step 1: Go to the Home view, and click "Add Documents” Step 2: Upload your document by clicking "Open file” or via drag and drop Step 3: In the Add Recipients view, enter your own e-mail address
Step 4: In the Add Fields view, click and drag a Sign Block (aka a signature field) to place it on the document. Then, click "Setting Done” in the top navigation bar Step 5: Keep the default document name or change it, and click “SIGN BY ME” to sign your name

How long do you store my documents?

SelfieSign will store your documents for at least 10 years as long as you have an account with SelfieSign unless specified otherwise.


在SelfieSign,安全性是我們的優先考量。我們確保您的文件和資料是安全、保密及私人的。 Selfiesign的伺服器目前放置在中國的阿里雲上,所有的簽署文件,Selfiesign都會透過SSL憑証進行AES加密,並在封裝好的檔案文件加上Hashcode,確保文件及簽名影像的一致性,且未經過任何修改。





Keep or change the name for the document, and click SEND.保留或更改預設的文件名稱後,點選「寄出」按鈕。



步驟3:在「新增文件」頁面,輸入您自己的電子信箱 步驟4:接下來在「新增欄位」的頁面,將"簽名區塊"(簽名欄位)拖曳至文件,並點選上方的"設定完成"



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