How do I send a SelfieSign document?

What types of document formats can I upload?

SelfieSign currently only supports .pdf file format. We are working on to support file formats, such as .doc, .txt, .jpg and .ppt in the future.

How do I place fields on a document?

What types of fields can I place on the document?

How do I make fields mandatory in a document?


Can I add my own custom fields in a document?

It is currently not possible to add your own fields to a document.
For whichever plan you choose, we offer a variety of fields, including signature, date, text, checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdown lists, for you to request signature and information from each recipient.
Feel free to contact us at to request more fields.

How do I add recipients to the document I’m sending?

Can I bulk add a list of contacts as recipients?

How many recipients can I add in a document?

You can add 2 recipients in a document if you’re using the Free plan.
Once you purchase a subscription plan, you can add up to 16 recipients, and therefore request 16 signatures, per document.
If you have a special request for more recipients, contact us at

How many documents can I send?

How do I change the signing order of recipients?

How do I add CCs in a document?

We currently do not let you send someone a copy of a document, but this feature will be available in the future.

Can I change the signers of a sent document?

Can I cancel a document I’ve sent for signing?

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