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E-signature revolutionized.

SelfieSign, a trusted e-signature experience.

We streamline the signing process and authenticate the signatures to help you
boost efficiency, lower costs, and avoid risks of frauds and disputes.

Authentic signatures

Always know your e-signatures are non-repudiable to stay out of frauds and disputes.

Record as you sign

We video record 4 biometric traits — image, video, voice and signature — specific to each signer simultaneously as he or she signs.

Save big

Be free of printing, packaging and shipping costs means huge savings on time and money.

Strong evidence

On top of audit trail, we offer video records of each signer in every e-document signed.

Highly secure

We meet global security standard ISO 27001 and AES (Advanced E-signature) requirements under EU's eIDAS Regulation.

Sign on the go

Our web app and mobile apps for iOS and Android let you sign in a quick swing, and swipe.  

Transparent. Visible. Traceable.

With SelfieSign, each electronic document has a layer of your signature

and another of the recorded video of your signing process.

SelfieSign is certified, and compliant.


The electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation makes e-signatures legal and enforceable. SelfieSign is compliant with the advanced electronic signature (AES) requirements under EU eIDAS Regulation.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

SelfieSign is ISO 27001:2013 certified. It is an international information security standard, and assures customers that SelfieSign abides by stringent security standards today.


The EU has some of the strictest data protection requirements in the world. SelfieSign is committed to privacy, and under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we protect the rights and freedoms of European data subjects.

The Electronic Signatures Act

SelfieSign adheres to the e-signature policies stipulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. It is our priority to ensure the security of signing documents electronically and also the effect of its records.

How can you use SelfieSign?

New employee documentation
Sales contracts
Purchase orders

Buyer and seller agreements
Loan and mortgage applications
Account opening forms
Legal agreements

Answers to your e-signature questions.













What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signature is a way to sign documents online.

It has the same legal standing as a handwritten signature as long as it adheres to e-signature regulations such as eIDAS in the European Union.

It also has specific details including who signed and when, therefore fully traceable.

Is SelfieSign legally binding?

Yes, documents signed using SelfieSign are considered legally binding in the world.

In fact, your documents are even more enforceable in a court of law than handwritten documents. We provide not only a comprehensive audit trail of each signature, but also a video record of the signing process as evidence.

How do I send an electronic document?

Sending an electronic document is easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Click on “Add Documents”

Step 2: Drag & drop the file you want to send

Step 3: Add recipients and fields

Follow these quick steps in how do I send a SelfieSign document.

How do I sign a document with SelfieSign?

You can sign a document anytime, anywhere using SelfieSign.

Simply open the document, and tap the signature field to sign your name. Note that we will video record your signing process in case of fraud or dispute.

Learn how to sign your own document and sign a document sent to you.

How does SelfieSign charge its users?

It is free to use SelfieSign. We also offer Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise packages to meet your growing needs.

You can check out our plans at https://selfiesign.co/pricing.

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