Autograph NFT White paper

A project by ThinkCloud Technology's flagship product, SelfieSign

November 20

I. Company History

ThinkCloud Technology is based in Taichung City, Taiwan, founded in 2012 by Mr. Charles Wu, Superintendent of Lian An Hospital Taiwan, built with the objective of optimizing the operation process in the medical field through digitalization.
In line with the trend of electronic medical records in Taiwan since ten years ago with the inspiration from tennis players signing their autographs on a camera lens after the game, ThinkCloud Technology has developed a dynamic biometrics signature solution for a more convenient and trusted way to send, sign, and track documents electronically, SelfieSign. With ThinkCloud’s patented technology, every digital signature retrieved by SelfieSign includes a video recording of the signing process and audit trail in a form of an SVS file, serving the purpose of fully expressing the signer’s willingness to sign and enhancing the undeniability of signing, guaranteeing the document is signed by the person intended, making it secure, authentic and non-repudiable.

After 10 years of journey with proven track records to increase security, efficiency, eco-friendliness, reduce cost, and solve the overworked medical staffing problem, ThinkCloud Technology has served not only more than half of the medical centers in Taiwan for patients’ consent forms but also in other fields such as finance, real estate, security, insurance, bank, IT, and e-government.